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Commercial Hard Money Lenders Process

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4 Tips for Finding Commercial Hard Money Lenders

Here are some tips for the business owner seeking commercial hard money lenders. These tips will help you avoid the bad and find the good during your search. Finding the right lender. Don’t let your desperation force your hand into making a sub-par deal with a commercial hard money lender. You may be in...

Commercial Hard Money Lenders - A Complete Review

Commercial Hard Money Lenders are more sought after, owing to the flexibility they offer. Basically, hard money lenders are private lenders offering unconventional loans, otherwise called high-risk loans. They do not check a borrower’s credit score or other factors like a conventional loan, and lend based on the collateral value. This means, they also...

Commercial Hard Money Lenders - An Introduction

In today’s economy, it sometimes proves difficult to get a lender or broker to agree to financing terms when trying to obtain a loan. After a tumultuous economic swing in the past few years that left many individuals with poor credit ratings, it is not surprising that this is the case. As a result,...

When we needed a commercial hard money loan fast, CHML were the ones who ended up winning our business. From first contact to loan funding, they were extremely fast and a pleasure to deal with the entire process!  Other commercial hard money lenders lack the knowledge and expertise of these guys. You can be assured I will be using you for my next commercial hard money loan!

-Robert D.
Malibu, CA